Modalert 100 mg

Modalert 100 Mg (Modafinil)

Active Ingredient Modafinil
Indication Sleep Disorders
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceuticals
Strength:- 100mg
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip


About of Modalert 100

Modalert 100 mg is thought to be one of the complete solutions for people facing difficulty sleeping issues. It is the brand name of the generic drug Modafinil which helps to promote wakefulness among individuals upon consumption for days to week.

This indicates when you are searching for the right and easy treatment against various sleeping issues and to promote wakefulness then Modalert 100 mg is proven or we can say efficient treatment.

It has been approved by the FDA to be consumed by people of different ages (as per their requirement) in different strengths.

Uses of Modalert 100

The uses of Modalert 100 are seen against the treatment of various sleeping disorders like:

  • Narcolepsy is one of the first conditions which can be sorted with the help of Modafinil consumption. This means if you find yourself feeling sleepy in the daytime or sudden attack of sleep then consuming 1 dose of Modafinil will work.
  • The other condition is obstructive sleep apnea and Modalert here works in a similar manner to help individuals come out with the trouble.
  • In some cases, you might be working day or night (like you have a disturbed working pattern), in that case, your sleep cycle can be disturbed. Then if you have a work night shift or irregular then Modalert helps you to stay awake for the respective time.

How does Modalert 100 Mg work?

The mechanism of Modalert 100 mg is thought to affect several neurotransmitter systems in the brain. This in turn releases or enhances the monoamines and even elevates the histamine level.

These changes help to promote wakefulness and even alternates. No doubt, it has the ability to enhance the dopamine level and activate orexin neurons, upon treating various sleeping disorder.

In short, Modafinil can easily increase the quality of life upon undertaking complete alertness and wakefulness.

How to take Modalert 100 Mg?

The typical dosage of Modalert is 100 mg and 200mg and should be taken once daily. Usually, the preferred time is in the morning and 1 hour before you start your work.

The tablet should be swallowed with water and by no other means. Also if you want it can be either taken or not with food as well.

Side effects:

Migraine: Migraine is a rare but possible adverse effect of Modafinil.

Another common side effect of Modafinil is feeling sick, which can be lessened by taking the drug with food.

People who use Modafinil later in the day are more likely to experience sleeplessness as a side effect since the drug disrupts their natural sleep cycles.

Nervousness: People who are sensitive to stimulants may feel more anxious or jittery when they take Modafinil.

Some people who take modafinil may get diarrhea, but this is a less common side effect.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in chest
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Disturbance in mood

Dosages information

The person could get rid of their sleepiness by taking one tablet with water. This is taken care of for a certain amount of time (weeks?). Modalert shouldn’t be taken for more than a week because it can become a habit. So make sure you don’t add more time. Also, you should tell your doctor if you think you took too much.

What should be neglected while consuming Modafinil?

When you are being asked to consume Modafinil then there are certain substances you should not get encounter with.

Consuming alcohol can tend to increase the side-effects and cause dizziness or impairment. Therefore, when you are on treatment towards Modafinil then you should avoid consuming alcohol or even smoking.

The intake of caffeine can also increase the stimulant effect and this means potentially leading to increased nervousness. So, you should consult with a doctor and monitor the level of your caffeine intake.

Modafinil is found to interact with certain medicines like nitrates, blood pressure, heart and more. Hence, you should first consult with a doctor to determine the condition and then begin with the treatment.

Modafinil helps to maintain complete alertness and concentration, only when it is taken in an appropriate direction. So, care is needed during the time of treatment.

Warning & Precaution

Before buying the medication, be certain about the vendor.

particularly when purchasing via online websites.

Tell your doctor about any health problems you have, food allergies you’ve had in the past, other eating habits, etc.

Some extra care should be taken if you are over 50 years old because you are more likely to have bad side effects.

Follow the directions from the doctor included within the written prescription.

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Q.1 Is Modalert 100 Mg safe?

Modalert 100, a brand of modafinil, is generally considered safe for most users when prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed. However, it can cause side effects like headaches, nausea, dizziness, and insomnia. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Q.2 Does modafinil increase heart rate?

Yes, modafinil can make some people’s hearts beat faster. It’s important to monitor your health and consult a doctor if you notice any changes.

Q.3 What happens if I take too many Modalert 100 tablets?

Taking too many Modalert 100 mg tablets can lead to overdose symptoms like insomnia, agitation, confusion, nausea, and increased heart rate. Seek immediate medical attention.

Q.4 Who should not take the Modalert 100 tablet?

People with heart conditions, high blood pressure, anxiety, or a history of drug abuse should avoid taking Modalert 100 mg. Always consult a doctor.

Q.5 Can Modalert 100mg be taken every day?

Yes, Modalert 100 mg can be taken daily if prescribed by a doctor. Follow the prescribed dosage and monitor for side effects.


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