Dronis 30 Tablet 

Dronis 30 Mg (Drospirenone/Ethinylestradiol)

Active Ingredient Drospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol
Indication Contraception
Product/Composition:- 21 tablets in 1 strip
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd



Dronis 30 Mg is a contraceptive pill to prevent and control unwanted pregnancy. Contraception, the process of unwanted pregnancy prevention aims to use family planning.

This drug comprises two active ingredients. Drospirenone which is a progestin that means female hormones. It functions by stopping the fertilization of the egg in women.

Accept these tablets as specified by your medical expert. One may encounter stomach discomfort, headache, nausea, breast ache, weight advancement, and rare uterine bleeding. The bad effects of this drug often do not need medical awareness and slowly settle over time.

Uses Dronis 30 Mg

Dronis 30 mg is often used for many treatments and gives benefits. The following are the conditions where this medicine is:

  1. Contraception: Stops the pregnancy by preventing the release of an egg, condensing cervical mucus to stop sperm, and altering the lining of the womb.
  2. Irregular periods: Assist and handle menstrual cycles and handle irregular bleeding.
  3. Acne: It is sometimes prescribed to women who want an oral contraceptive for birth control and even desire to control acne.

Consult a medical expert for proper prescription, and the right guidance for different conditions.

How Does Dronis 30 Mg Work?

Dronis 30 mg is a blend of Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol.

  • Ethinylestradiol: It functions by hindering the release of eggs from the ovaries and altering cervical mucus, making it challenging for sperm to get to the womb.
  • Drospirenone: It is a progestin hormone that stops ovulation, modifications cervical mucus, and changes the uterus lining, making it less appropriate for pregnancy.

By controlling hormone levels, Dronis 30 mg benefits work for irregular periods.

Benefits of Dronis 30 Mg

This tablet comes from a group of hormonal contraceptives. It operates to stop pregnancy by controlling the egg release from the ovary or stopping fertilization of the egg by sperm which are male reproductive cells.

In females, it allows support for a normal menstrual cycle. In ladies experiencing menopause, it functions by fulfilling the lack of estrogen hormone as well.

Directions for Use of Dronis 30 Tablets

Use Dronis 30 mg as per your medical expert’s recommendation. Consume it with water, without nibbling or damaging it.

Dronis 30 mg and Dronis 20 mg can be taken with a meal or without a meal, but you should accept it at the exact time of the day every time.

Begin on the first day of your period or menstrual cycle and continue the usage for a month. It is not to be accepted by injection or applied externally.

Side Effect

Accepting this medicine may induce a few side effects. Here are some typical ones:

  • Weight increase
  • Breast ache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach ache
  • Headache
  • Irregular uterine bleeding

Ensure you talk to your medical expert if any of these side effects continue or you feel unhealthy.

Safety Measures & Warnings

    • Breastfeeding: It is recommended to detour utilizing this medicine while breastfeeding as restricted info is available concerning its security.
    • Pregnancy: This medicine should be avoided during the time of pregnancy as it may induce damage to the growing infant. Talk to your medical expert about reasonable alternatives.
    • Alcohol: Alcohol intake is not advised if you want the effects of this medicine, otherwise it will raise the chance of side effects.
    • Liver Problems: When you have liver conditions or any liver-linked problems, it is essential to talk about them with your healthcare expert before beginning this treatment.
    • Kidney Issues: If you have kidney disease or any kidney-related issues, consult your doctor before using the Dronis 30 Tablet.
    • Machines and Driving: Dronis 30 mg typically does not impact your capacity to drive or use machinery, but personal reactions may differ.
    • Allergy: Tell your medical expert about the allergies you have, and if you have any allergic reactions to this medicine and its components then discuss with your medical professional about reasonable alternatives.
    • Children: Kids should not use these medicines. Keep this medicine away from the reach of kids and pets.

    Dosage of Dronis 30 Tablets

    Daily Dose

    The daily dose of this medicine is one Dronis 30 mg pill every day, at the exact time each day, with meals or without meals that should be started on the first day of the menstrual cycle.

    Missed Dose

    When you forget a dosage, accept it as soon as you recall again. Whenever you vomit within four hours of accepting the pill, and then ensure you take another pill. Talk to your medical expert for specific guidance.


    Do not take more than one pill a day thinking it might increase the effects and show you results sooner. Never accept more than one tablet of this medication to avoid overdose. Aim for medical attention immediately if you consume more than one medicine once a day.


    Always keep and store Dronis 30 mg Tablets in a chilled, dry area. Guard the medication from immediate light and water by holding it in its original packaging.

    Store the medicine away from the reach and view of kids and pets. Utilize the drug before its end date noted on the packaging. Adhere to the regional rules of disposing of the medicine appropriately and never flush medicine in toilets.

    Diet and Lifestyle Advice

    To complement your usage of this tablet, here are some Diet and Lifestyle Advice:

    • Keep a proportional diet rich in fruits, veggies, complete grains, and proteins. Remain physically active with routine workouts or exercises you enjoy.
    • Obtain sufficiently relaxing sleep to help your overall health. Minimize stress through relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation. Be hydrated by consuming plenty of water during the day.

    Quick Tips

    • Always accept it as mandated by your medical expert. Start on 1st day of menstrual cycle. Detour alcohol while utilizing this medication.
    • Take and swallow with water, without nibbling or splitting.
    • Inform any continued side effects to your healthcare professional. Accept it at the exact time every day for better efficacy.


    Q.1 What is the use of the Dronis 30 tablet?

      Dronis 30 Mg is utilized as an oral contraceptive to prevent and control unwanted pregnancy.

      Q.2 Can I smoke while taking the Dronis 30 tablet?

      When you are taking this medicine, avoid smoking throughout treatment with this medicine as it may raise the chanceheart attack, or sometimes even stroke.

      Q.3 Can I take Dronis 30 for irregular periods?

      Yes, it is used during Irregular periods to assist and handle menstrual cycles and irregular bleeding. However, talk to a medical professional before starting the usage of this drug.

      Q.4 What should I do if I miss taking a dose of Dronis 30 Tablet?

      When you forget a dosage, accept it as you recall again. Whenever you vomit within four hours of accepting the pill, and then ensure you take another pill. Talk to your medical expert for specific guidance.


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