Begma 120 mg

Begma 120 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Indication Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Strength:- 120mg
Packaging 5 tablets in strip


What Is Begma 120 mg?

‘Sexual Problems of Men and Efficient Solution Begma 120 mg!’ That can be an easy title of the book, if there ever will be! Because that is how efficiently effective Begma 120 mg is for curing and correcting erectile dysfunction! But to answer your curiosity, let us guide you that today here you are going to learn about a crucial and most commonly occurring state, Erectile Dysfunction! It’s high prevalence worldwide and its highly effective line of treatment, Begma 120 mg!

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

If we begin to categorize this dysfunctional state, then erectile dysfunction will belong to the most commonly occurring medical condition that continues to haunt numerous relationships worldwide. It is a medical condition where he happens to know that he has lost his ability to perform one of the most crucial functions of the sex, which is erection.

The thing with erection is that most of the time, there is none, or if it happens, the ED Patient gets a flaccid one, with which sexual intercourse is not possible enough! Not a fairy one, but this a common tale of millions of men from east to west. Because almost 50% of the men experience this condition at some certain period of their lives.

Best Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction!

But now when we are quite familiar with the dysfunction, how this problem of a million men can be solved? This may be the question of the hour. And quoting that, we proudly mention that medical science has a path to correct this condition, a way from which an ED Patient can support an ED Medication and get his erection back!

What Is Begma 120 mg Used For?

  • It Treats Erectile Dysfunction

How Does Begma 120 mg Work?

With Begma 120 mg, a man can get his erection back, and the reason behind that is Sildenafil Citrate, a PDE 5 Inhibitor and the key component of the Begma 120 mg. It acts as a blood vessel dilator, which means that it dilates the wall of the blood vessels to ensure smooth blood circulation. 

This smooth and better circulation becomes the reason behind relaxed smooth muscles, that can easily expand for making erection possible. And that is how one of the greatest sexual problems gets resolved.

How Do You Consume Begma 120 mg?

Though there is no potential secret guidance for Begma 120 mg, only basic information that we are going to provide here.

  •  When you are taking this ED Pill take it with some water- do not chew, bite, or crush, just gulp.
  • When you take this ED medication make sure to take one, and not more in the 24 hours.
  • When you take Begma 120 mg, consult a doctor first.
  • When you take Begma, you don’t have to stress about taking it before or after the meal, as you are allowed to have it a single time, whether before or after.

Who Should Avoid Begma 120 mg?

  • When you think about taking this Begma 120 mg, make sure you are not allergic to it.
  • When you think about taking this ED Medication make sure you don’t have heart, kidney, or any liver condition!
  • When you think about taking this ED Pill make sure you are 18+!

Begma 120 mg Side Effects!

Like so many more ED medications, or any other medicine at all, there are and will be some side effects that we should look out for! However, thankfully, they can go on their own most of the time, but there can be times when they don’t, so please consult your Doctor at such times.

  • Dizziness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Bladder Pain
  • Painful micturition
  • Abnormal Vision
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach Upset
  • Bloody Urine
  • Bone Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Cold Sweats
  • Breast Enlargement
  • Chest Pain
  • Chills
  • Burning Feeling in the Chest
  • Confusion
  • Vision Difficulty
  • Cool and Pale Skin
  • Hearing Loss
  • Dry Mouth
  • Difficulty in Concentrating
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry Eyes
  • Double Vision

Missed Dose

No doses should be missed, and never be overdosed. And even the missed one can be taken orally soon.


Avoid over-consumption of Begma, and do not take more than a single pill of this medication, however, if someone does then make sure they reach the hospital soon for a checkup!

Who Manufactures Begma 120 mg?

Alpha Pharmaceuticals is the name of a sexual life-saving medication, that has saved numerous households, who were suffering from sexual troubles.


Some medications, and some foods; there is some specific consumption that you should keep avoiding having together specifically with Begma 120 mg.

  • Alcohol
  • Antihypertensive medications
  • Grape juice
  • Nitroglycerins
  • Any other ED Medication

In Conclusion

‘It is way more disheartening than it seems to be’ that can be the title of the book that is written on the life of an ED Patient! But until and unless the medication Begma 120 mg is there to rescue those men living in a state of misery, there indeed is relief. However, as we have repeatedly mentioned above first get a Doctor for yourselves, so please do that, priorly.


Q1. Does Viagra Increase Size?

Viagra, which also contains Sildenafil Citrate just like the Begma 120 mg is responsible for causing an erection and that too on a condition, which is ‘if there is a sexual stimulation.’ So it does that only.

Q2. What Is the Best Pill to Stay Longer in Bed?

In terms of longer effects, Tadalafil tops the game as its effects can last up to 36 hours, which is pretty long.

Q3. Is Sildenafil Safe to Take Daily?

If taken as per the Doctor’s guidance then it is!

Q4. Is Sildenafil as Good as Viagra?

Sildenafil is the key ingredient in Viagra, and we all should know it. Hence either Begma or Viagra both are the same medication.


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