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Actiza’s experienced quality control department maintains the integrity, honesty, and reliability of our spectrum of products and extends to swathe the packaging of every product to maintain safety and stability. In every packaging option, packaging materials and processes conform to international standards, with regard to a host of critical parameters, including :

  • Medical grade, non-toxic materials
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties whenever required.
  • Consistent top quality
  • Printed shipper available on request

Optimum packaging is complemented by a classy, contemporary look, created by in-house design professionals, and executed at top-of-the-line printing presses. Packaging and labeling are continuously reviewed to enhance aesthetics and clarity.

The close attention to packaging quality extends to its storage. Separate areas are reserved for different types of packaging, with aluminum and PVC foils stored at the optimum temperature.


The packaging department of Actiza Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. comprises of a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who always keep in mind the various essential factors such as quality, integrity, honesty and dependability while packaging the manufactured pharmaceutical products.First and foremost, we always have to make sure about the safety and security issues while packaging these products because these are highly sensitive components and any contamination of the same can lead to detrimental results staining the reputation of our clients, which is not at all desirable. Moreover, packaging is often being done to be exported to distant countries, which requires extra attention because of the time factor and hence, accordingly, suitable measures are also taken from our side.

Our packaging team ensures that all the products are of medical grade and non-toxic that is certified by the renowned names of the world like World Health Organization, US-FDA, GMP as well as ISO 9001. We, as a pharmaceutical packaging company, have also made a mark in the domain of pharmaceutical industry mainly due to our compliance with all the necessary regulatory requirements. Packaging is the prior prerequisite before being distributed and exported to far off lands and also within the country as well. And hence, this can lead to accidental exposure risks or other related problems for which, optimum measures ought to be taken by the packaging team of Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.. These include adequate barrier arrangements from oxygen and moisture that can grossly affect pharmaceutical products if the same come in contact with these compounds.

Apart from maintaining all these features with utmost meticulousness, our packaging team is also very much particular about the quality of standard of the packaged pharmaceutical products and follows the latest industry levels in order to ensure maximum compliance. We also provide printed shippers on request and above all, our packaging finishes with a contemporary yet classy look with the help of creative touches given by the in-house design professionals with the help of appropriate aluminum and PVC foils. The packaging and labeling go hand in hand so that a great end product is ensured finally.

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