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While having Manufacturing as the crucial backbone of our supply chain, we continue to strive for excellence in the field of infrastructure & technology! In terms of capabilities in formulation manufacturing, Actiza Pharmaceuticals has been leading the market! By continuously following the steps of dedication and excellence, Actiza Pharmaceuticals stands as one of the largest contract manufacturers of medications in the whole country! Medications that we manufacture here are capsules, ointment, creams, tablets, liquids, and many more!

Several noteworthy aspects of the design concepts:

  • A persistent flow of processes and facilities meeting WHO-GMP standards and Schedule “M” specifications.
  • A fully automated and controlled HVAC system with efficient sanitation.
  • All kinds of tablets, including those made in slow-release facilities are available including, sugar-coated, film-coated, double-layered, enteric-coated, and uncoated.
  • Dual Pass Reverse Osmosis water system/de-mineralization plant, multi-stage distillation plant, and auto-sanitation.
  • Dust extraction systems, dehumidification units, and individual AHUs for each zone.
  • To guarantee complete segregation, there are designated zones available. And places marked with uniforms with rainbow-colored markings.
  • Separate and specialized manufacturing facilities for dosage formulations of cephalosporin and B-lactam.
  • Every location has air that is conditioned in terms of temperature, humidity, filtration, particle counts, etc.
  • Material dispensing in an SS reverse laminar flow with a zero-discharge Effluent treatment plant.
  • The complex has an in-house R&D center for product development.

We make sure to take precautions that every facility complies with the strictest international standards, from design to upkeep. Moving further, the production blocks that are quarantined and have separate air systems prevent cross-contamination at any level.

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