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Why Choose Us?

Our company can be one right shop for you if you are in need of different kinds of pharmaceutical solution under one roof. We, Actiza Pharmaceutical, have been providing the most effective and best quality OTC, Neutraceutical and varied Pharmaceutical Solutions since last many years and have managed to build a strong niche for ourselves in the medical sector. We are also involved in contract manufacturing and regulatory service business since then.

We are totally concerned about our products quality and therefore, we take adequate steps in their manufacturing and quality testing process. We take consultation from specialized pharmacists, R&D specialists, chemical engineers and allied experts while developing these pharma solutions. The ingredients we use and the solutions we produce in the end both are certified by ISO 9001:2008, GMP and World Health Organization as these quality standards are totally trusted by the customers. These certifications are one of the major reasons behind making us a reliable pharmaceutical brand.

Other than this, the various other reasons for which we should be chosen in the market is that we are totally environment friendly organization and provide efficient completely computerized, HVAC systems and proper sanitation services. To maintain a toxic and pollutant free environment we follow proper waste disposal systems as well. The zero-discharge effluent plant treatment plant that we have equipped our factory carries out with the processing system in a simply streamlined manner and gives effective results.

We assure our customers that they will be fully satisfied with our goods and services as there is nothing more important than meeting with customer’s exact requirements.

Delivery Schedule:

Every customer, be it our own partners, contract manufacturers or end customers expect timely delivery of their orders as time is the most precious factor for everyone. We are glad to inform that we are always successful in providing the stocks on time to our customers through our fast transportation facilities. Moreover, even the production, testing and packaging work are also carried out in a swift and smooth manner as delivery of the goods takes place only once they are ready. In fact, if needed during bulk and urgent orders we hire more manpower in our organization and such systematic planning from procurement till delivery enables us to reach our clients on time. Thereby, whether our patrons are based in domestic or international market they can always expect timely delivery from us.

Cost Competitiveness:

The experienced professionals from pharmaceutical industry expect that in the text two to three years their industry will grow massively in terms of production, capital, quality, cost-competitiveness etc. Because of this we will be able to reach to our objective viz is protect and promote public health on a faster and wider pace. We are also contributing towards international medical sector by providing with new & innovative medicines and by assisting other pharma companies in attaining their “better healthcare” mission. Each medicine made under is subjected to stringent quality tests.  

Batch size - We provide flexible manufacturing and testing of batches in accordance to customer requirements. No minimum batch size has been provided as such by experienced professionals.

Product packing – To provide safe packaging to medicines several options are available in containers, foils and boxes.

Functional QC testing – The testing of the medicines is done as per the norms set by medical quality standards.

Batch validations – After the trial batch manufacturing the other three batches of our products are manufactures as it helps in reducing the risk of getting quality compromised solutions.

Product and process improvements – In complete harmony and in a systematic manner the product development and improvement in existing methods are carried forward.

Contract Manufacturing: Win-Win Strategy

Our contract manufacturing strategy is also a success always as the prime factors even then are quality, customer relationship, delivery schedule and cost- competitiveness.

We deal in bulk foreign inquiries.