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Actiza Vaccines
Offered Actiza Vaccines are used to provide the immunity from various diseases, like Hepatitis, oral polio, Typhoid and many others. These vaccines are mostly provided via injections and can be availed by our client in well packaged form.
Actiza Cardiovascular Drugs
Actiza Cardiovascular Drugs are prepared by using effective molecules with the help of advances methods and processes. These medicines are consumed by the patients to cure the heart related problems.
Actiza Digestive Tract Medicines
We are providing the effective range of Actiza Digestive Tract Medicines, which are available in the form of tablets and capsules. These drugs are extensively used to treat the problems associated with complications in digestion.
Actiza Life Saving Drugs
From the name of the category it shows that Actiza Life Saving Drugs are widely used to prevent different kinds of fatal diseases. Offered drugs effectively work to cure the problem and can be availed in stock.
Actiza Respiratory Medicine
Actiza Respiratory Medicine also known as the pulmonary medicines are applied to treat the problems and complications related to lungs. Both manufacturing date and expiry date are mentioned on the packed of the medicine.
Actiza Antimalarial Drugs
We are providing an optimum range of Actiza Antimalarial Drugs on wide scale. As the name suggests that these highly effective medications are used to provide the treatment from malaria.
Hepatitis Medicine
Offered Hepatitis Medicine is used to cure almost all kinds of hepatitis diseases, such as A,B,C,D,E & P. These drugs can be consumed by the patients who are suffering from problems like liver inflammation without any side effects.
Antiviral Drug
Provided Antiviral Drug can be safely consumed by the patients whose body going through different kinds of viral complications. It is also utilized to enhance the immunity by boosting the immune system.
Anticancer Medicines
This category of Anticancer Medicines offers all kinds of effective drugs in capsules, tablets and injection forms to cure the fatal ailment like cancer. These medications have gone through many strict quality checks, which ensure its quality.
Skin Care and Dermatology
From eye drops to creams and gels all kinds of medicinal products are offered in this category of Skin Care and Dermatology. This range of products can be used to treat all kinds of skin problems.

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