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Methandienone Tablets

Methandienone Tablets

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The Methandienone Tablets are anabolic steroids that are known for their high effectiveness. Used by body builders, the weight gain resulted by consuming the tablets is partly from water retention and due to a significant increase in lean muscle tissue in the body. In order to gain muscle while consuming this drug it is important that a healthy diet and regular exercises be followed. Gains may disappear if either diet or exercise is discontinued. The tablets are known to increase strength and mass during bulking cycles and is one of the most appropriate uses of the drug. Preferred by users who are getting started with their cycle in order to see quick results while others prefer to consume it towards the end of their cycle in order to surpass their limits. Gains at both the ends of a cycle are witnessed only by a few individuals with previous experience. The drug is also known to be effective during cutting cycle, when the goal is to reduce excess weight. A clear understanding of the effects of the drug, proper diet and training help achieve desired results and maximize muscle gained while cutting fat. The drug is also used by athletes who wish to cut fat and retain muscle before a competition. The drug can be very effective at helping athletes realize their goals and is thus a popular choice among many.

Product/Composition:- Methandienone Tablets
Strength:- 10mg
Form:- Tablets
Production Capacity 10 million Tablet/month


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