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Anticancer Injections

We make significant contributions to the health and well-being of cancer patients with our range of Anticancer Injections. We roll out a quality approved range of these injections that is known for effectively destroying cancerous cells without any side effects. Using this product can inhibit the cancer cells from growing/spreading to other parts of the body and enhance the life span of the patient. This means by using these Anticancer Injections a patient can add many years to his/her life and tremendously increase his/her chances of surviving a deadly disease as cancer. These injections can be used alone or with combination with other drugs, as suggested by your healthcare provider / doctor.


  • Recommended for treating the growth of cancerous cells
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other available treatments
  • Can also be used as intravenous infusions
  • Free from side effects and possible complications
Product Image (M6)

Methotrexate for Injection 15 mg

Price: 10 USD ($)

Product Name : Methotrexate
Form : Injection
Quantity : 15 mg/ml

Product Image (Ox)

Oxaliplatin Injection


  • Brand Name : Actiza
  • Power : 100 mg
  • Type : Injection
  • Package : Vial

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